Super Save, safe to work and save in Johor Bahru ?

Presumably i am being paid $2500 singapore dollar, since i stay in Johor bahru and spend in Malaysia ringgit, how much can i save?

Below is a  comparison chart between spending as per normal working executive staying  in Singapore, vs.  Johor Bahru.

Perspective from a saver

work Position: Programmers, digital marketers, Facebook marketers, e-commerce, server rental, rack space, e-educators, telesales , online media , content writers, entrepreneurs 

Singapore  living expense                                                             VS.   Malaysia living expenses 

Manpower expenses  in own country Manpower cost of living heighten salary conversion


Cost of living 3 meals

+ housing  rental

$1300 Studio apartment

$ 850 meals  ( $9/ meal)


Employees save $350 monthly

Within 3 months save around –  $1050

RM1300 + RM850  = RM2150

$716 cost

Employee save $ 1784/ month

Within 3 months – save around $5352

Cost Breakdown  ( Transfort ) staying and traveling from Singapore to  Johor Bahru.

Traveling JB – SG Total 2 trips / day , 5 days a week ( Expenses)
By Car RM4/ trip RM40 / week
Car pool RM15 / trip RM150 / week
Private cars RM45 / trip RM450 / week

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