High Rental Yield Property In Johor Bahru ( Menara Cyberport for sale Commercial office Building)

Menara Cyberport Building   MSC status high rental yield, occupancy rate 80% 

Please contact Lynn Tee +60126866027, my  goal is  to create an experience for you to live in your dream house and working space,  that  ensure growing asset  value with rental yield.  

Co-broker are welcome : )

Suitable for corporate, SME , small start ups, technology office  for rent

Services office operation and business  ( Investment proposal ready) Special feature of Menara Cyberport ( Johor Bahru) 

    • Fiber Optic Cabling 

    • Helipad 

    • MSC status 

    • Free income tax for 10 years msc status company 

    • Server rooms office unit  rent 

    • sought after and ( based on needs – As every granted Msc status company ( tech, digital, hi- tech) are asked to occupied one of the Msc Status office units

(  9 Sizes for sales  / Renting  as office unit, retailer 7-11 , cafe and food court )  

678 SQFT – RM 323,406   ( RM450PSF )  

754 SQFT  – RM 339,300

807 SQFT – RM363,150

883 SQFT – RM397,350 

1378 SQFT   $450PSF, RM620,100 

1378 SQFT special Mark down price $400 PSF (Limited) RM 551,200 

Units below are for business modeling

I will provide a co work space business plan, service offices modeling, that guaranteed succession as a long term collaboration and assurance will be granted.

 2529 SQFT  $1,206333

 3563 SQFT  – S&P  price $1,603350

  7373 SQFT   – RM 3,317850

  8676 SQFT  – RM RM3,904200

 18,363 SQFT  – RM8,263350 


Menara Cyberport Floor Plan


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