D’suites  at Horizon Hill

In Iskandar Johor  Bahru  project there are many hype in within  Horizon Hill itself. Like flippers paradise.. those home lovers  hardly move out from  it , going around  buy and re-sell and re-invest  again. 

Types of property investors – collectors 

Fascinating part is most of them upgraded. Like a game of snake in ladder climbing  the social status and branding. 

Great effort by the property  developer Gamuda  to create a fun memorable  event  

A few friends that stay around the gateway have moved to the new  area From terrace to cluster  and  they eye on the  semi  D  Whereby semi  D owners  are targeting  to buy the bungalows. Now getting bored of the landed properties  they start collecting  condominiums within the compound.

Today I went to the Christmas party  and also  D’suites launch   haha guess what I found … And well…. If price matters to you.  Contact me  we can discuss how to collect properties  when the  price is in the lower range  not stating property in JB is having a dive.  Not at all, and will hardly be. More of a range  that is getting  to fly up again  But in a range that is at the right price at the right time.   

 I suppose a lot of us. 

Who is eyeing  to buy from property developer  now it’s a good time…… or perhaps the whole 2017 🙂


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