Nufri Wisma in Johor Bahru, CBD for rent ( 1 min drive from CIQ, after the exit of JB Custom

I strongly suggest Johor Bahru CBD as property investment area, as it is a matured market, with lots of household and commercial running at the same time. The land of development is scare thus their value will remain strong, people will always shift in due to family ties, community bonding  and business purposes.

As a matter of fact, it is a growing area for financial institution and commercial purposes.

Please look into the list i have for rent :

1) Nufri Wisma Building  


2nd Floor ( have continuous traffic and walk ins  with strategic location )

1 min drive from CIQ ( JB – woodlands custom) , right outside the exit of custom on top of an array of money changers and retail outlets, we have space for rent.

Other factors: experienced & good management,  convenient store,  fnb,  Glitz fashion retail and many other money changer outlets)

Suitable for commercial usage, office,  retail.

– office

– Salon & beauty

– massage

Approximately: 1300 sq ft

Rental rate : RM2500 

Please contact: Lynn +60149848914


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